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The spritz. This is not a cocktail.

by Alexander M |

Ok so here’s the thing: you might pee your pants a little when you cough, sneeze or laugh for a few weeks or even months after giving birth. One in three women experience this, with those who deliver vaginally about twice as likely.

This happens because all your muscles extended and have gotten soft to allow for the baby to come through. It’s important to exercise your pelvic floor every day:

1/ Squeeze and lift, hold for a count of 10; keep breathing; don’t squeeze buttocks, relax.

2/ 10 quick flicks: squeeze and lift, relax, (repeat 10 times), keep breathing, thigh and buttock muscles relaxed and ‘let go’ between flicks.

Set a ringtone as a reminder or develop a habit of doing them when brushing teeth, washing dishes or changing a nappy. This way you make sure you build a routine and get back to enjoying real cocktails soon.