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Wide-eyed with wonder

by Delia Wieser |

The first night with a newborn is emotionally supercharged. Birth is exhausting for babies too – not only for the mum – and adjusting to life outside the womb makes them tired, so they may sleep 18 of their first 24 hours while still waking up every three hours for a feed.

That might sound like you’ll be getting a lot of sleep too but, truth being told, while exhaustion kicks in and the hormones slowly leave your body, new ones come in and you cannot help feeling giddy, excited and so incredibly lucky. 

We don't wanna paint unrealistic pink pictures here and we can't hide that you will also feel pain but bottom line (no pun intended), no matter if you had a natural birth or a C-section, you’ll be wide-eyed with wonder as you come to terms with the magnitude of what you have achieved and survived. You are wonderful!