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Mum's 1st year illustrated diary

Whether the little one has already made an entrance or you are patiently counting the days, one thing’s for sure, you are about to become a superhero: taking multi-tasking to a whole new level, feeling rested with only 4hrs of sleep, having countless feeding sessions and much more.

This set of 20 beautifully illustrated Mama Milestone Cards is a cheery celebration  of the hard-fought achievements every mother reaches on her own rollercoaster journey, featuring:

 > Picking up toys is my new cardio

> I fit in my pre-baby jeans

> I’ve made it through the first six weeks

> First family trip to...

> My first day back to work, et al.

Take notes, snap pictures to share your triumphs with friends & laugh out loud while feeling like the superhero you are.





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