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HOW TO: Perineal Massage

by Birgit Kubizek |

A Perineal Massage might sound like a scary thing, but it is definitely something that you can do! Midwife Birgit Kubizek gives you some expert advice on the how to and how not to...

Getting started:

We recommend massaging your perineum from week 35, 3-4 times/week for 5-10 minutes:

1 – Warm up before you start. Taking a bath, shower or even a herbal-infused Sitzbad before you start with the massage, will help soften your muscles and your skin before the massage. Also, make sure you shorten your nails, as long nails could cause minor injuries.

– Find a comfortable reclining position with your upper body supported by a pillow. First timers might want to have a mirror ready for orientation. Open your legs to create space, take a few deep breaths.

–  Pour a small amount of our Perineum Massage Oil into your hand and on your perineum and the lower part of your vaginal opening. Insert your well oiled thumb about 2 to 4 cm into your vagina.  The index and middle finger of that hand work the outside of your perineum

4 – Press down towards your anus and to the sides massaging the inner perineum and vaginal walls gently. You can feel a bit of stretching. Hold this stretch for a minute or two.


– Then gently massage upwards and outwards in a U- shape; continuously repeating the U - shape for another few minutes. If you have a previous scar, this can help to soften the scar tissue. Perineal massage should never hurt. Feeling pressure in the first few weeks after starting is normal and should ease as you keep up this routine.



You've made it!

Massaging your perineum increases blood flow and enables flexibility. It may also get you mentally into the ‘zone’ for giving birth, boosted by the essential oil mix.

After a few times you will become an expert in massaging your perineum. Some women prefer to ask their partners to perform the massage as it becomes a beautiful self-care ritual.

Massaging your perineum does not ensure you will not tear during childbirth but it significantly reduce the chances. Our Perineum Massage Oil can also be used when healing after a vaginal birth or a C-section, to boost the regenerative powers of your skin.

Remember, YOU are the one in charge of your body. 


When to stop massaging your perineum:

– The perineal massage should never, ever hurt! In the beginning, you might feel some tension, but as the muscles relax, it should feel lighter.

– If you have a vaginal infection you should not massage your perineum - seek medical help.

– Check out the ingredients of the oil before starting. If you have a known allergy or hyper-sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients, this is not for you.

– If at any time during the massage you experience pain or bleeding, stop immediately and consult your OB Gyn


About the author: Midwife Birgit Kubizek


Hebamme Birgit Kubizek


We've met Birgit in autumn last year in our shop in Vienna. She nudged us into developing our Perineum Massage Oil together with her after she noticed there was no ideal solution on the market that she could recommend to her women.  
Birgit works as a midwife for 22 years and is also teaching about childbirth, society, and how it deals with motherhood. She believes motherhood is a journey and every woman who chooses it writes her own story. In her own words: 'Motherhood is raw, it's reverence and beauty and pain and glory and power. And I believe every mother should be nurtured and held and enabled to know what is truly theirs and what they can give back.'



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