The story

Here’s to:
All women who become mums.
All mums who worry and give their best every single day.
All mums who want this place to become a better one for their children.
We feel you – We are all one.


We are a team of two: Delia Wieser and Katharina Griesbacher. We are also both mums.
Our playdates with the little boys soon become working sessions for the two of us.

Delia's experience as trend researcher as well as her innovation consultancy work with tens of companies from all over the world was essential in developing the core project idea.

Katharina is the chief of aesthetics. Her experience in brand building for startups and her focus on sustainable design is extremely valuable for designing our clothing prototypes as well as for developing our visual identity.


This is how it all started back in 2018...

"Matei, our baby boy, is strong-minded. He wanted to come into this world exactly 1 month earlier than his estimated due date. I was halfway through the prenatal course, just wrapped up work and was planning to spend the month relaxing, stacking up my freezer, reading and packing my hospital bag. Change of plans.

Fast forward, it all went great but when we arrived back home from the hospital, reality kicked in. I had ordered the Finnish Baby Box so clothing and stuff for the baby were all sorted out but I hadn’t had prepared anything for me. I had a loose idea about the postnatal time but I was completely taken aback by the fact that a new mum needs almost as much stuff as the baby does in the first weeks.

My lovely neighbor who is already a mum and was pregnant with her 2nd child packed a bag with all I needed for the first week for me, the new mum. Life-saving!

It’s in my nature to look for cool innovative products - after all, that’s what my job as a trend researcher entails - so, slowly but surely, I started to discover which products make a new mum's life easier.

I thought all mums should have access to this knowledge and products at a snap of a finger or err...a tap. I thought if babies have starter kit boxes, mums should have starter kits into motherhood too! Fast forward 1,5 years: Mama Matters sees the light of the online. Created so all mums out there are never taken by surprise and make sure they have everything they need to stay healthy, confident and relaxed during the first weeks (& beyond) of being a mum. I am honoured to be right here with you on this journey." Delia