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Giving birth to a new identity can be as demanding as giving birth to a baby, yet society and the healthcare systems mainly focus on how the baby develops. Our vision is to bring the mum into the spotlight, empowering her to practice self-care, to feel confident and stay healthy especially in the first months after giving birth. 

Studies say that women who are informed and educated about the postpartum time and its effects before giving birth have 50 % less risk to develop postpartum depression.

That’s where our mission comes full circle.


Performance apparel enables professional athletes to be their best. Mums, like all olympic athletes, deserve to have the right gear. 

That’s why we set out to create the world’s first sustainable, natural, body-caring maternity line that encourages the body to relax & recover while supporting [future] mums mental wellbeing.

Made of bamboo & wood pulp from eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch, and beech grown in natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, the fabrics in our Healing Wear collection maintain the natural, body-caring properties of each plant: anti-bacterial, anti-irritation, cooling & antiperspirant, moisture management, UV protection and more. It’s all certified.


There is no perfect or best way to motherhood, just your way! Trust yourself! Follow your  intuition! Take time to do what makes you happy! Your body has superpowers, honor it! - these are just a few of the things mothers need to be constantly reminded of. 

We decided to create our products starting from these important messages and print them either directly inside the products from our Healing Wear collection, visible only to the wearer to read any time for a boost of motivation or a moment of mindfulness, or directly on the packaging as is the case with our Wellbeing collection.


Every textile item will be made especially for its wearer at FUER: a social atelier where women with social difficulties are given the opportunity to apply their skills in a respectable job and find a way to integrate into the local community.


That’s us! Delia Wieser and Katharina Griesbacher

We can't do the 3am feeds for you but we can dress you with premium materials [that are usually only available to elite athletes] and equip you with natural products that support your healing process and boost your confidence.

No one did that for us after giving birth. We were taken by surprise about the sheer quantity of things mums need and the transformation our minds and bodies were going through.

We set off to fix this for future mums around the world, to empower their postpartum time. Our playdates with the little boys soon became working sessions for the two of us.

Delia's experience as a trend researcher as well as her innovation consultancy work with tens of companies from all over the world was essential in developing the core project idea and continues to push our product development and business strategy.

Katharina is the chief of aesthetics. Her experience in brand building for startups and her focus on sustainable design is extremely valuable for designing our clothing prototypes as well as for developing our brand and visual identity.


We make no compromises on costs or sustainability as we strive to provide you with the highest quality possible, in every product we develop. Therefore the materials, ingredients and packaging costs are a lot higher compared to mass production companies.

Each and every one of our products is designed and hand-made by our founders together with a small team of talented craftspeople we work with in Vienna, Austria.

All our production partners are paid fairly.

We personally wrap every item with the greatest care for detail.

We’re pretty honoured to be right here with you for this journey.

Thank you.