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Organic Healing Wool Pads
Organic Healing Wool Pads
Organic Healing Wool Pads
Organic Healing Wool Pads

Organic Healing Wool Pads


Pack of 10 pads / ⌀ 5cm

PATIENCE IS KEY and mama are you going to need a healthy dose of it with baby feeding at your breast so often. Our healing wool pads high in lanolin soothe and care for the delicate skin on the nipple area. Holding on to your patience just got a little bit easier.  

Apply them directly to your sore nipples between feeding sessions to benefit from their natural soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-caring properties.

Why do I need this?
– Prevents/heals sore nipples from breastfeeding
– 100% natural and organic sheep’s wool
– Anti-inflammatory and skin-caring properties
– High in natural lanolin
– Reusable
– Wool wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable, even in warm climates.
– When the pads do feel wet from milk let down, they're warm, not cold and clammy as with cotton or disposable pads. Your skin is kept dry and able to breathe, allowing sore nipples to heal.
How to use
For added comfort, insert the healing pads into our organic bamboo-cotton nursing pads to prevent them from sliding around in your bra. Apply directly to sore nipples between feeding sessions.
The wool feels warm and tingly against delicate skin. After some use, you will forget it’s even there and begin to love the way it protects and restores sore nipples.
Natural properties
In its natural state, sheep's wool is high in lanolin (natural wool wax), which has anti-inflammatory and skin-caring properties. Our healing wool pads are made from wool sourced from a controlled organic animal husbandry in Austria. It is gently washed without the use of chemicals in order to preserve the highest possible lanolin content.
Care instructions
Hand wash in lukewarm water, with or without wool detergent. Allow the pads to dry well before reusing. Advisable to dispose after a few uses.

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Organic Healing Wool Pads

Organic Healing Wool Pads