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Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]
Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]
Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]
Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]
Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]

Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]


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Incredibly soft, made of 95% organic bamboo with certified special properties:
– breathable, cooling & antiperspirant 
– naturally anti-bacterial

Printed with Self-Care Message #1: Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Pause. Allow thoughts to come and go. When you are ready, open your eyes. Be in no doubt, you are incredible. You can do this!



We make no compromises on costs or sustainability as we strive to provide you with the highest quality possible, in every product we develop.

Here is a price breakdown for our Second Skin Leggings:
– material: 22 €
– production: 15 €
– taxes: 19,8 €
– brand and product development: 42,2 €

    Think of your pre-pregnancy size, we took care of all the adjustments.
    Our leggings are available in 6 sizes:

    S/M/L– 1 (height up to 1,72 cm)

    S/M/L– 2 (height starting from 1,73 cm)

    – S: Hip: up to 95 cm
    – M: Hip: 95 cm–105 cm
    – L: Hip: from 105 cm
    Medium-low waste for the pregnancy bellies who don't like full coverage and want to enjoy soft support.
    We decided to keep the leggings unstitched for the sake of functionality: they are much easier to put on while the belly grows and the feet get swollen as well as for women who have thicker ankles.

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    Made from PYRATEX® freshness fabric (95 % organic bamboo viscose, 5 % spandex) with certified special properties:

    – breathable, cooling & antiperspirant (60 % more absorbent than conventional fibers)

    – naturally anti-bacterial (prevents bacteria and fungus growth, chemical-free) thanks to “Bamboo Kun”, a natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing substance in bamboo that does not wash away

    – anti-irritation

    – 100 % biodegradable and can grow as much as 3 feet overnight, making it a fast-growing, renewable resources


    – our bamboo fiber has got the Oeko certificate: it is grown without pesticides because bamboo itself is anti-mites and anti-pests

    – wastewater is reprocessed before re-releasing

    – waste air recovery system

    – processing sub-product like bamboo powder or bamboo pulp re-used in the construction industry


    We hand-sew the leggings on-demand in Vienna. Every pair will be made especially for its wearer at FUER: a social atelier where women with social difficulties are given the opportunity to apply their skills in a respectable job and find a way to integrate into the local community.
    Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]

    Bamboo / Second Skin Leggings [medium-low waist]