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MOTHERHOOD [UN]SEEN 1: Pregnancy doesn't finish after giving birth

Pregnancy is not only a very transformational phase for our bodies physically but very much emotionally and mentally as well - according to doula and mum Stephanie Johne, founder of Warrior Woman, Baden, Austria.  What is a ’Doula’? Why do new mums need one and how come pregnancy continues after giving birth? Watch our very first episode from MOTHERHOOD [UN]SEEN: a series of Zoom interviews we're conducting with maternity experts and mothers around the world that highlight important yet overlooked motherhood topics.         What made us kickstart this series? Knowledge is power and the best way to empower a mum into making the right decisions concerning her well-being is by providing her with the relevant information. Additionally, newbie mamas are often overwhelmed and possibly intimidated with all the new changes and challenges that come hand in hand with caring for a newborn. Often, just hearing that someone else is going through the same things as you are, can make all the difference.   Enjoy!  👌 👀   Stay tuned for more episode and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified as soon as we publish something new!