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Wool + Bamboo Nursing Pads

HANG ON IN THERE: Breastfeeding is a journey that can start with severe soreness. It’s normal: your nipples weren’t previously catering to a hungry baby every 2 hours. Until your milk flow adjusts to your baby’s needs, your breasts may feel painfully full and leak. 

Pack of 2 x nursing pads

- additional security layer: 2 x removable organic cotton pads which you can use as makeup remover pads after your milk production adjusts to the baby's needs
- 2 x healing wool pads which you can refill.

That's how it works

They care for you as you care for them.

Try it and never wanna miss it again.

Our washable nursing pads have a double function: the changeable healing wool pad will soothe your sore nipples thanks to its high proportion of natural lanolin, while the cotton layer will help you avoid looking like you’re taking part in a wet t-shirt contest every day. Plus, they’re wrapped in an ultra-soft, naturally anti-bacterial organic bamboo layer, with a cooling effect for even the most sensitive skin and made of material production leftovers from our Second Skin Leggings.